Double-Edged Sword: Memes

Necessity is the mother of invention. Technology has grown leaps and bounds in the last 3 decades. We have had far too many needs and way more so-called innovations. Technology has done wonders to us. People can connect to their near and dear despite being several million miles away, receive weather updates much in advance to safeguard themselves, book their travel without any assistance. My mom who was not inclined even towards cordless phone just a decade ago is enjoying the benefits of smartphones. More recently, Chennaintes used technology to solve the food and water crisis during the unprecedented floods. Information about people in distress was spread within seconds and the help was rendered within minutes.

Meme Creator’s Man of the Hour

But there is something that is spreading much faster than the good news. Sundar Pichai has spoken so many words than he would have wished for. He has supported various causes across India. Thanks to the power of Internet rather social media and especially a special shout out to the meme creator without whom the name Sundar Pichai would not have reached the “Patti thotis”(nook and corner) of India. Recently there is a popular meme that doing the rounds in the social media “Sundar Pichai voices his concern on NEET”. By beloved Facebook friends and acquaintances, most of whom have completed their undergraduate degree from prestigious institutions from the country share it without a moment of hesitation. All they had to do was a simple google search(OMG! it is the organization that Mr. Pichai heads) if this was even true.  Some examples of fake news or memes on his quotes are listed below.

Sadistic Pleasure

These memes are so realistic that you should actually appreciate the creators. But the trend according to me is worrying. Fake news in the name of “meme” that is simple and catchy, shows the sadistic nature of the creators. Most of these memes are created for fun. It has been put in circulation with an intent to harm someone or something. They know that their creation spreads faster than a forest fire. The only purpose has been to destroy harmony and peace across many lives and countries. Especially, with the reach of technology, people start believing in most of these fake ones. There is already a dip in trust factor. This is just one example, I am not even sure about the space that these fake news and memes occupy in the cloud. In technological terms, wish we had a “Garbage Collection” for these for the sake of saving all those wasted memories.

Few More Snippets

Here are few more classical examples of deriving sadistic pleasure.

  1. Your network will donate for a cause Like $1, Comment $2 and share $5. I am not sure how did they even come up with this.
  2. Someone needs O+ve blood in this area. Contact XXXXXXXXX to help. This message circulates without any authentication. Either these messages are stale or the contact of a person who you want to suffer. People who believe these message and make a genuine attempt to reach them sometimes even feel the burnt of hearing swear words.
  3. Forward this message to 10 people, else bad luck will come.

Last words

One wise man said “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will”. This according to me is a fitting message to everyone. There are so many issues in the world that technology can help address. Let memes be a facilitator to that and not a hindrance.




Taking the Nature’s own course


We trekked rather tracked our way through. The interest is rekindled and I am here to post on the interesting experience while on a trip.

How does it feel when your blind date happens to the EX who you recently dumped? That is how exactly I felt when we felt during the trekking trip to the amazing Doodh Sagar Falls. What I expected and what it turned out to be absolutely different, I was not quite impressed at first but I am still loving every minute of it till date considering that as one of my best outings till date.

It all started with a short halt at Mangalore where we roamed around locally to few temples and beaches and dinner at a restaurant where the waiter cannot wait to take our orders 😛 Amazing wait in the railway station till midnight over even past it to board the train to Madgoan. Then came the hardest part of it all.

Got down from the train in just 4 hours to come to know that you have another 3 hours for the next train to Goa/Dhoodhsagar. Having boarded the train with an open ticket in a reserved compartment, we were being hunted by the officials and we had to resort to every possible act in the book to hid ourselves and finally, we got to castle rock and had our breakfast in the leaky cordon.

We set off our journey into woods through a village which a friend of mine boasted he knew well of. But the bad luck continued to trail us, we ever informed that we need to get permission from the forest ranger who is like miles away. Then came the horrendous train journey back to Doodhsagar station which did not have a platform again after evading many Officials…..

It was a stunning sight to see the water flow down from such height. But the main part of our adventure started here. We searched and inquired our way to reach the top. But our friend Bad luck wins again. We missed the path in between double tunnel. We still had the best solution on hand. Walk in tow as friends with fun talk and not knowing where this one is going to end. Just like our childhood school days where we didn’t mobile in hand and just humans talking the language we enjoy. Walking in the woods and seeing awesome creatures on our way through including Peacocks, Monkeys, and snakes that looked like sticks.

Finally, we labored through to a station and somehow found our ways back to the Margoa station. Slept on the platform with unknown bugs and people lying around us, rather I was awake the most part of the night.This was an experience on its own.All these happening 2 months before my marriage was terrifying. But thinking of it now, it was all fun and yes our stay in GOA was not so different but a less dramatic one.

Biggest Challenge

12 years of school education, 4 years of great Engineering experience, 8 years of work and now I am back in my campus life. Each day has been an experience in life for me so far (though I never took my childhood as an experience 😛 ). Through all these years I have had the opportunity to meet numerous people and had the pleasure of learning from each and every one of them, good or bad.

Several people, several advices. Be like this, be like that. You do not have the hand writing of so and so, you are not studying like blah blah, you should become like that genius, officially during every appraisal you are not like many so you are not given any 😉 .. We ourselves aspire to be many “One day I should be a good orator, next day I should be an artist and the next day I should be a great developer.” So many things go through your mind all at the same time.

Over the years I have tried to live the lives of many friends and legend. I wanted to be a humorous like my best friend, I wanted to speak like AB Vajpayee ji, I wanted to get into music like my other friends, I wanted to be a guy like that everyone loves to be around with acting like someone else. Too many neurons raced to my brain from my heart instructing me to impersonate different people at different times, sometimes at the same time.

One things through years of practice and thought-process, something that has always helped me get out of situations is that being myself. Being myself has given me more than what I have earned not being myself. There has been many a situations where my values were challenged, but I stuck to mine. It is always good to have inspirations and leaders that you aspire you to be. You can always make slight modifications in your attitude and lifestyle taking the positives from one’s life but not the cost of who you are and you must keep your values in tact. Trust me Being yourselves is the BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN ONE’s life. Sometimes, when you are not yourselves and not follow your natural instincts you might struggle to do things that you can do with your eyes closed. Never lose your nativity and cultural values. All those were put in place for a purpose.

Always believe in yourselves and your abilities, leave the rest to the almighty. If you don’t succeed you will always have something to learn.

P.S: Pele: Birth of a Legend is a inspirational movie based on a legend who believed in his nativity and thus succeeded in life.


Doctor: These tablets could cause some drowsiness. By the by are you working.

Wife (Patient): No I am not.

Husband (Attendant): No she is working at home.

Doctor(with a beaming smile): Good

The smile  in the doctor’s face meant a lot especially to the attendant who happens to be the author himself. In my childhood, I have always wondered what big work do women who don’t work have. Probably my outlook changed since the day i moved out of my comfort zone(Chennai) to Bangalore. I had to do simple house chores all my myself and then rush to work as well. Another casual conversation and another trigger of pulse.

Me: You get awesome food everyday.

Manager: Thanks to my wife.

Me: She is not working is it?

Manager: She is the one who really works.

Those words did mean a lot. Women at home do more work than what it is portrayed. We change jobs once the current job monotonous. But imagine their plight, they need to keep doing the same work over and over again but still can’t change job. Their responsibilities add up once they start family. In between they find innovative ways to bring cheer to their work. I would compare the so called HOMEMAKERS to the KINGMAKERS in politics who are very much responsible for holding the ship together. The case of Working mothers are even more interesting. They manage both office work and HOMEWORK with ease.

These women might not need a royal salute but simple words like “Thank U for the awesome lunch today.”, “Why don’t you take a break today. Let us eat out.” would help them a lot mentally if not physically. Men can always share the load of women for sure. Words of appreciation and little actions can make a lot of difference.

P.S: Been wanting to write this for more than an year now. At last found time. May be the views are not expressed clearly but I think people can indeed relate to what i feel.

India is Dependent!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer : It has been more than 6 months since i put anything on this page. So please pardon me for any errors in the following post.

Here is Sachinsrini reporting from the so called Garden city of India. Is it still a garden city ?? I am not here to answer that. Writing this post on the eve of 67th Independence Day is more apt i believe. My facebook page has already started to flood with emotional, patriotic and happy words about our independence day. Also not to forget the favorite joke posts. But something i feel is not being understood by us in the first place.

What is the significance of this Day 67 years ago? Why were most wise and brave men and women were awake in the midnight on 15th August 1947? To free us from the hands of the British? Is the reason behind us celebrating this occasion is only that? I do not think so.

What is the real meaning of INDEPENDENCE? Not being dependent on “OTHERS”. We are self sufficient and can manage ourselves. Many who lost their souls for the brighter future of their children(which includes us), believed so. They felt the future generations in India should not be oppressed as they were. But are we doing complete justice to their sacrifice? The answer is a blatant “NO”. Here i would include me as well being held responsible. The young brigades upon whom the leaders put their trust upon have not taken the responsibility i would say.

India is still dependent guys, on each and everyone of us. It is high time we clean up the society in which ever way possible. You do not have to be a politician or a rich man to do good things(I am not sure if they even do those though!!!!). Let us do simple and easy things that can make a huge impact. Here are few tips for guys who think we can make a change only by being either of the two.

  • Remove Illiteracy : Teach a child
  • Keep the country clean : Do not litter in public
  • Keep the environment clean : Plant one tree an year
  • Spread love : Visit an old age home on a special occasion.


Jai Jawan Jai Kisan                                                                                   Jai Hind

Ambiyum Nanum

Dear Readers,

Ever since I first learnt about the Delhi rape through NDTV, I have thinking about writing this blog which I wanted to write ages ago. Let me re-visit 2 instances that happened in my life that would make you understand my choice of this title. One fine day, I was travelling in the local train chatting with my friends. Suddenly one of my friends throws away the empty water bottle in the open and one of my other friend says with a smile on her face “How can you do such a thing in front of Karthi. He is a RULES guy”. Someone drives vehicle in an absurd manner, once again I get tagged as Ambi, the rules guy, for asking him to drive it properly.

What has this got to do with the Delhi case? A lot in my opinion. In normal circumstances when we are in no danger, we ignore the silly mistakes we do. But there is an apocalypse when something hard hits us. I see Facebook posts and Twitter posts arguing for capital punishments for rapists across the country, government’s inaction, support for the injured girl etc. But are we good enough to question the law? Are we good enough to question the government?

I just read in newspaper that in a North Eastern state, a woman was brutally raped in public view. She was not just a woman – she was a home maker, a mother of a 5 year old kid and the heart of a family. What were the onlookers doing there? Waiting for the government? Waiting for the Men in Khakhi? When we cannot come forward to protect our own neighbors, how can we expect someone miles away to do it? Though they hold the legal responsibility, don’t we have the moral responsibility.

One of my friend rightly put it on his Facebook post “Do not fight for just one girl; fight it out for all of them out there who are suffering.” It is us who have to stand up. We cannot expect a Anna Hazare or any freedom fighter of our choice to pop up every now and then to unite us for struggle. Whenever I question people for their laziness and excuses to silly mistakes, all I get is a sarcastic sorry with an Ambi tag on my forehead.

One of my sisters used to tell me to change as it would not help me win over people by talking rules all the time. She would also say jokingly that all people love only cool guys including “GIRLS”. But that does not bother me at all. I not worried that I cannot be a REMO. I seriously do not regret the AMBI in me but I do regret the fact that I cannot be an Anniyan to claw out the mistakes that people commit. Taking the law in our hands is also a crime.

Also you can choose to be whoever you want to be. Remo, Anniyan or Ambi.

Your’s faithfully,

Karthi (AMBI :P)